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Why Mathematics is Important

Mathematics is one of the most important subjects one studies. Since it is one of  the few subjects taught universally, every student knows the struggle of studying it. However, later on, many realise just how important studying math was, not just in their academic life, but daily lives as well. Let’s see why mathematics is important and how we can encourage our students to study more of it.

What does Math entail?

Mathematics is a study of measurements, numbers, and space, which is one of the first sciences that human work to develop because of its great importance and benefit. The origin of the word “mathematics” in Greek, which means tendencies to learn, and there are many branches of mathematics in science, that are related to the numbers, including the geometric forms, algebra, and others.

Maths in everyday life

Maths plays a vital role in our daily lives. Other than providing exercise for the brain, it allows you to develop skills like thinking on your feet, forming logical arguments, and increasing your focus level. A study at Stanford University by Dr Tanya Evans proved that “students who solve math problems in their daily life have higher logical skills than those students who don’t solve the problems.”

Stimulation of the brain

As mentioned before, maths provides exercise for the brain. Just as your body needs exercise to stay healthy, your brain needs continuous stimulation for it to remain sharp. This stimulation and activity is provided by doing maths. The more complex the problem, the more stimulation your brain gets, and the more active it becomes. 

Helps with your finances

Some people find numbers to be daunting. This makes them run away from mathematics, claiming they won’t need it ever in their real lives. However, when they have to manage their finances, they face the same numbers they ran away from. Mathematics provides you with ways to calculate how much money you have, will need, have spent, and so on. It helps you plan out your finances for the future, helping you save for emergencies and plan out your expenses. Not only this, but math is used to calculate your payments, profits or losses, wages or salaries, and so on. The better you are at math, the easier these calculations will be for you. 

Helps improve problem-solving skills

As mentioned before, mathematics helps you build logical arguments. This helps you solve problems in a more structured and logical manner. Developing problem solving skills is essential for every individual, and a good grip over mathematics helps you solve problems more effectively. 
Seeing why Mathematics is important is not enough. How does one get better at Math? The answer is quite simple. Practice. The more math you do, the better you get at it. Tutorsbee offers plenty of programs to help hone your math skills, so sign up and get better at math now!

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