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What will your university experience teach you and what to expect?

The transition from high school to university or college will always be one of the most life-changing ones. This is since it requires an individual to accept that from now onwards the only thing constant will be change. The transition is also demanding as you shift from living a sheltered life to learning to be by yourself. This changes you entirely.

Here are a few of the most important things that you can expect to learn from your university experience

Additional Responsibility

Firstly, as a freshman in university or college, the first change you will experience is additional responsibility irrespective of whether you stay at home or move away to a new place. This is because higher education is about taking on more responsibility and being accountable for your work and educational commitments. This means that your professors will no longer be ‘spoon-feeding’ you and instead, you will have to step up and take on additional work. This can involve following up with your teachers, being entirely responsible for staying up to date with your courses and in line with your coursework, doing extra credit assignments, and assessing your position to constantly ensure that you do not fall back.

Aside from academics, the university experience demands that a person become more accountable and answerable. This is because this time is regarded as your transition into professional life thus, this period plays a large role in molding you into the person you will be for a foreseeable amount of the future.

Being by yourself

Secondly, a life-long lesson you will learn is how to be yourself and more importantly, how to be by yourself.  As life progresses, one lesson which you will learn that will define you will be that you are the only person who constantly has your back. For this reason, we must learn to like ourselves and are comfortable with spending time in our own company. This can often take years to learn however, university life will teach you this and not necessarily in the kindest of ways.

There will be days where you have to eat lunch and dinner alone. Some days will also force you to eat lunch and dinner alone. There will be times when your friends are too busy to hang out with you. Some days you will need to take a break from your friends because everything gets too exhausting. This is partially also because it is not easy to find a crowd which you fight right into since, by the time people reach university, they have a multi-faceted personality.


Thirdly, you should be prepared to make financial mistakes during your university life. Through this, you will learn to budget your expenses, live on a budget, and save money. Your university life will teach you the value of earning and that will teach you how to spend carefully. Be prepare, therefore, to eat instant noodles for a month and then splurge your savings on one meal a month.

In conclusion, your university will teach you a lot and not just about your chosen program but also about life so walk into this new chapter of your life with an open mindset. 

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