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Tips For Online Teaching

Teaching is a pretty difficult job as it requires a lot of patience and consistency. As online learning is on the rise and more and more people are making use of this opportunity and using online education as a ladder to further enhance their knowledge and skillset, teaching online remains a tough job.

The rise in online education mainly started due to an excessive increase in the use of the internet but the Covid-19 pandemic further increased it to an extent that today almost all educational institutes have adapted the online learning method.

The traditional teaching method is comparatively easier than teaching online as it gives the teachers as well as the students a chance to interact face to face and makes it easier for the teacher to judge the most suitable learning method for the student.

Here are some tips for teaching online that might come in handy for teachers who are not used to the online learning method:


Most teachers believe that “winging it” is the best approach when it comes to teaching but that may be only true in the traditional classroom system. Online learning is a whole different story as most of the time, all the students are not available at the same time and when they are, half of them switch off their cameras and take it lightly. Planning is needed in teaching online. The teacher must lay out the whole semester’s plan in the first class regarding important deadlines and tests so that the students are aware of the syllabus and can adjust the requirements of the course according to their schedules. Surprise tests and quizzes are even though a great idea in physical classrooms, as they make the sessions interactive, they surely can be a student’s worst nightmare in an online classroom and can demotivate them so avoid them at all costs when teaching online.


It came under notice that when Covid hit and many teachers had to shift to the online learning method, most difficulties were faced because they did not have that certain technical finesse. Teachers who are above the age of forty faced this issue specifically because the shift from the traditional classrooms to teaching online was something they were not prepared for.

Now that it has become clear that online learning is here to stay and is not just the future but the present, teachers should invest in the right hardware and software. For starters, a reliable computer and strong internet connection must be arranged. Teachers should familiarize themselves with online platforms such as Zoom, Meet, and Moodle in order to make the most out of teaching online.

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It is no longer a surprise that teaching online is completely different than teaching in a traditional classroom system. Online learning has the potential to make the student feel detached and less involved with the classroom material. Stimulating discussions by holding online lectures and sessions can solve this problem. Teachers who are teaching online should get the students involved in group assignments that require discussions so that it leads the student to get something more than just a grade from the course.

Furthermore, teachers should maintain a consistent online presence in order to keep the students engaged. Communication is the key here. Listening to a screen can make the student nervous which is why it is highly recommended to turn your cameras on when holding online lectures and ask the students to do the same as well so that the online classroom environment does not get too cold. Introduce yourself by telling the students something about yourself other than just your qualification.Even though teaching online can get exhausting, it surely is an opportunity for many aspiring teachers to take this chance and start teaching from the comfort of their home and take it up as a profession. It is also a good chance to connect with other online educators and broaden your network. Teachers can also sign up on online tutoring platforms such as and kick start their careers. Such platforms are convenient for both students and teachers and are truly an experience that one would want to add to their resume!

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