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Study Mistakes To Avoid

Studying is not a piece of cake. It does not matter how much time and effort you put into studying, if your strategy is not right, it can all go down the drain. Even the most brilliant of students can hit a rut when faced with the pressure of achieving high grades. The reason is that today, competitiveness is the new norm and which is why students make mistakes due to stress. Following are some study mistakes that students can avoid to archive their academic goals:


Some students are always in a rush to complete a topic or meet deadlines. There could be two reasons behind this. One is that the student thinks it is efficient to study long hours without breaks or that he/she leaves everything for the last minute. Whatever the reason is, it surely does not help the student learn much. The reason is that our brains need time to process and memorize information that is not given when a student studies one day before the exam. The solution to this study mistake is to always plan ahead and focus on when you need to start working or preparing for a topic. Take breaks to avoid exhaustion and keep yourself refreshed.


Many students think that if they have a highlighter in their hands and are reading a topic, they have got it all covered. Highlighting and considering everything as important is a study mistake that many students make. The problem here is that most students do not understand the difference between active reading and passive reading. They try to forcefully fit all the information even which is not worth remembering and that leads them to forget everything at the last moment. The solution here is to read actively and only memorize information that is significant. Practice questions and flashcards are also helpful in making this mistake right.

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Many students make the mistake of fitting all the subjects in one day. This mostly happens during exam season. Constantly switching back and forth between subjects can disrupt the student’s focus in all the subjects. The reason is that the student does not get the chance to fully adjust to working on either of the subjects. The solution to this problem is to make a schedule beforehand and study for one subject at a time. Make a timetable and allow two to three days to a single subject so that you are able to process the study material more efficiently.


Texting, checking social media after every five minutes, listening to music, watching Netflix are some mistakes that many students make when studying. It must be realized that cellphones and studying are never a good combination. The solution is to shut your phone down and keep it aside when studying or even taking classes. Stay away from distractions such as loud noises as much as possible. Pick a study spot that has minimal background noise. Coffee shops and parks are spots that are mostly preferred for studying and working these days.


Studying in solitude and not taking help from anyone is not actually a mistake but having someone to help you strategize and work on your weaknesses can be insanely helpful. You can bounce off ideas and take tests beforehand to further boost your confidence. Tutoring is the solution here. Today, students can even opt for online tutoring and test as many tutors as they want from online platforms such as to get help. It can help them clear confusion regarding topics that their professors did not teach thoroughly. A tutor can also help you with meeting deadlines by making a schedule for you.


Stressing and panicking is always a mistake that people make when faced with stressful situations such as exam season. Students suddenly realize how behind they are and freak out at the last moment and get overwhelmed which leads them to do nothing. The solution here is to meditate, take a break, have a coffee, make a schedule and start checking off tasks one by one. Always remembers, help is just one click away.

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