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8 Benefits of Tutoring

Tutoring is an age-old concept, with teachers giving students extra lessons to help them with their studies. However, as technology and society evolved, tutoring has become more predominant among people other than teachers, people who have the requisite knowledge and have the ability to impart it onto those who want to learn. These tutors have found that tutoring can be quite beneficial for them, both monetarily or otherwise. Let’s look at what tutoring exactly is and what are the benefits of tutoring.

Definition of Tutoring

Tutoring is “academic support provided by a master teacher; someone with deep knowledge or defined expertise in a particular subject or set of subjects”. A tutor, also called an academic tutor, is a person who provides assistance to one or more people on certain subject areas or skills.

Benefits of Tutoring

  1. Improved social skills

Tutoring gives students individual attention, and allows them to interact with their tutors in a formal yet pressure-free setting. This helps them develop social skills and helps students interact with their peers and communicate more efficiently with those around them.

  1. One-on-one interaction between tutor and student

The greatest advantage of tutoring is the one-on-one interaction that it provides students and tutors. This individual attention is crucial for students as it allows the student to get the full attention of the tutor, where the tutor can focus solely on that student and hence help them more efficiently. Furthermore, individual attention allows for more questions from the student’s side, as there is more time and attention available.

  1. Improved academic performance

Practice makes perfect. Tutoring allows students to practice school work outside of class, in a class setting, which eventually improves their overall academic performance.

  1. Improved confidence and Self esteem

Studying among their peers, students may get insecure about not being able to learn at the same speed or efficiency as their peers. However, what they need to realise is that they too can reach further levels and just need a nudge in the right direction. Tutoring offers them that nudge, and allows them to express themselves and improves, doing wonders for their self confidence and self esteem.

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  1. Stimulates the brain and improves study habits

Like every organ of the body, the brain needs exercise to stay sharp and healthy. Tutoring challenges the minds of students, helps stimulate them, and leads to sharper problem solving skills. This helps students develop their study skills much faster, and inculcates in them a motivation to study and learn.

  1. Independence and responsibility

Since tutoring encourages independent learning, students become more responsible. Having to manage their own time and to an extent their education, students become more independent.

  1. Creates an ability to tackle challenging tasks

Tutoring builds confidence in students, breaking down complex problems in order to help students solve them. This gives students the confidence and ability to tackle challenging tasks head-on.

  1. Prepares children for future learning in college

As students get older and go to college, they leave a bubble of being spoon fed to having to learn and live on their own. Tutoring prepares them for that individual learning experience, and makes them more conducive to new learning experiences they may face later on in life. Some tutoring services even provide preparations for college, like Tutorsbee’s Fast Track to College Readiness Program.

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