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5 signs that your child needs tutoring:

Do you ever feel that your child is struggling with his or her homework? If yes, then certainly you’re not the only parent who feels this way. Kids have never been a big fan of when it comes to “homework time” if you feel that your child is feeling extra overwhelmed; or cannot seem to handle the stress, they might need extra help with their homework. Read further on; what are the 5 signs that indicate that your child may need a tutor, and what you can do to help!

1. Is your child having trouble meeting deadlines?

For instance, you know your child has a book report that is due on Friday. But he or she  just can’t seem to get started, even though it’s as late as Thursday night! When you attend PTA meetings and you repeatedly; get the feedback that your child is consistently having trouble getting focused to work during class. And even most of the times is late in turning in assignments; this basically proves that you child is clearly struggling. And it is a sign that he or she needs extra help with their homework.

2. Does your child have questions you’re unable to answer regarding homework?

Over the year teaching methods have evolved. And you may feel outdated when it comes to answering questions or queries your child asks; regarding homework, you may feel un-equipped to answer. Because you do not know what is the teaching process of his or her teachers at school. This can be difficult. If you try to help your child with homework, you both may reach a dead-end or the methods you help them with. Will not be accepted by their teachers at school. For example, your child’s teacher expects to show her work on a math problem. using a method which was never taught to you; you may feel just as lost as your child even if you try your best to help them. In such cases, do not be reluctant to reach out for extra help.  

3. Does your child feel stuck in any particular subject?

Every child has different strengths, while some may excel in science whereas, some may excel in mathematics. A child might excel at reading and writing. But often find him or she confused in understanding concepts in science class. Often time’s teachers also complain that the retention span of your child is not up to the mark for instance; your child might also be mixing dates and events in his history exam or sometimes struggling with writing assignments. Which use the creative side of the brain. Constistent struggle with any particular subject; is not beneficial for your child. And, this also strongly indicates that your child can find more benefit from extra help given by a tutor. who can help your child overcome problems faced in any particular subject.

4.  Has it come to your attention, that your child’s behavior has changed regarding school?

If you’re noticing a change in your child’s behavior regarding going to school. This can be because they might be struggling with school work; they may use excuses to let you make them stay at home. This can be alarming especially if your child says they hate school because of the schoolwork. Some extra help might boost their confidence in education again and they will feel excited about learning again.

5. Are you having a difficult time to give attention to your child’s education?

Maybe due to long hours at work, you are unable to give time to your child’s studies. Or, any other family changes can also affect their education. To overcome any negative impact on your child’s education; going for a tutoring service is a better choice. at least, you will know that your child’s education is not being neglected.

So, what can you do?

If you’re agreeing to all the points mentioned above and your answer to each is in the affirmative, it might be high time for you to find a private tutor for your child and his bright educational future. When a student works with an academic tutor, it implements as a great idea to make sure that your child is getting all the attention they require to excel at school. A private tutor is skilled to create customized study or lesson plans according to your child’s needs by first assessing your child and then from thereon, address the specific needs and often studies say that getting one-on-one attention can make a big difference in your child’s life and education and before you know it, your child will be excelling at school in al the subjects he or she was initially having difficulty with!

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